Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Again, I feel I should state that the cataract of mail I have been receiving about the story of Edie and Kiesl leaves me astonished and gratified.

Most of the time, one works on a story in long periods of silence, punctuated by an occasional note of approbation, the odd diatribe. That's all part of the profession. Since Edie's story began late in October of 2009, the mail began to gush at me in a relentless flow – very pleased, appreciative mail, the sort of mail that reaches out to shake my hand and keep shaking and not let go me until it has said all it intended to say, and then clap me on the back for good measure. To this day the numbers burgeon. My back has been clapped a lot.

I haven't been able to thank you all in an adequate way, except to say "thank you" in this blog, and hope you're reading it. You buoy me, you make it all worth the while, and.....well.....thank you.