Friday, September 11, 2009

Doppelgänger at the Staatsballett Berlin

Every once in awhile, conversation turns to actors or actresses who would be good impersonators of one's cartoon inventions. Not long ago I was reading online about (I think it was) Darcey Bussell when, upon the same site, a photograph appeared of Iana Salenko, first solo dancer of the Staatsballett Berlin. It fairly rocked me back in my chair. She was almost the exact incarnation of what I think Edda would and should look like. She's in the right profession as well. These publicity photos were taken by the redoubtable Enrico Nawrath, whose EN imprint you will see. The first photograph features Dinu Tamazlacaru as her partner. The last two shots are of Iana Salenko with her husband as well as partner Marian Walter.